House McGrath hot toddy mixes

Superb, indulgent drinks made simple in 3 effortless steps!

Our Mixes

Each box of House McGrath Hot Toddy Mix contains 14 individually packaged servings.
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Classic Hot Buttered Rum

This timeless classic really needs no introduction. Think of it as liquid nougat with cinnamon and, of course, butter!

Cayenne Cure-All

With its healing properties of citrus, ginger, turmeric, and cranberries, this spicey homage to the original hot toddy will awaken all your senses!

Pumpkin Spice

There is no mistaking the delicious taste and texture of natural pumpkin in this toddy! Celebrate the feel and flavor with the perfect blend of holiday spices, spreading warmth and good cheer for the season!

Bananas Foster

Bringing the famous dessert to a new, drinkable high, you’re sure to forgive us for leaving out the flames ~ and come back for more!

Low Down Joe (Dark Roast)

This cup of pure decadence comes with its own warning label: A heavily concentrated and creamy blend, the Dark Roast packs a caffeine punch so strong, you’ll be going all night long!

Apple Harvest

A completely refreshing and restorative toddy made with pure, organic apples, this flavor gives you the taste of the season and will lift your spirits!

Liquid Private Reserve

A rich, creamy and frothy blend of juicy oranges, this drink takes you back to the original Julius at the county fair! Comes in a beautiful, reusable glass decanter.

Sampler Pack

Contains two of each flavor!


Delicate, subtle, and out of this world with the perfect balance of the beloved seed and its sinful accoutrements!


“May you experience the warmth and comfort of these beautiful drinks as I have done on many occasions!”

Sharon McGrath is a retired chef living in Plano, Texas. Having trained at the International Cuisine Association of Singapore, she returned to Plano as a restaurant operator and local caterer. With her specialty in pastries and sauces, Ms. McGrath has formulated these recipes so that anyone can easily make their favorite toddy in three simple steps!



Add 1 packet of House McGrath Hot Toddy Mix to 8 ounce mug


Add boiling water (see measurements below) and stir until dissolved


Add 1-1/2 ounces of alcohol (see recommendations & substitutions below)

MixBoiling WaterAlcohol Recommendation (1-1/2 oz.)Alcohol-free SubstituteRecommended Toppings
Hot Buttered Rum5 oz.Dark Rumnon-dairy creamerPat of butter, Whipped topping & ground cinnamon
Cayenne Cure-All6 oz.Bourbon / Whiskeyboiling waterOrange or Lemon Slice
Pumpkin Spice5 oz.White Rumnon-dairy creamerWhipped topping & ground cinnamon
Bananas Foster5 oz.White Rumnon-dairy creamerWhipped topping & ground cinnamon
Low Down Joe5 oz.Brandy/Cognacnon-dairy creamer-
Apple Harvest5 oz.Brandy/Cognac--
Pistachio5 oz.Brandy/Cognacnon-dairy creamerWhipped topping & chopped pistachios